Our community is made up of local members from the surrounding areas who want to work in the most advanced space available that offers the amenities they desire with a focus on productivity and creative efficiency.  We have business professionals, creative minds, stay at home moms/dads, entrepreneurs, tech startups, and more!

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One Awesome Desk

Free Meeting Room Credits !

Access to an Awesome Community of Innovative Individuals 

1GB Internet Speed Wifi & Cat6a

24/7 Secure Access

Access to an Awesome Community of Innovative Individuals 


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15324 Mack Ave, Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230, USA



Kevin Quasarano



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Kevin is the vision behind the Nott. Starting his career at Ernst and Young (EY), Kevin has been innovating in the Business Intelligence & Accounting Technology space. for over 20 years.   Kevin consulted for Fortune 1000 companies and large REITs designing top/bottom line expense reductions through automation.  Kevin identified a need in Metro Detroit for a different type of Co-working space that focused on the best and most innovative technology and amenities.

Kevin founded Value Integration, a leader in process improvement and data analytics.  Value Integration provides consulting services for Business Intelligence, Data analytics, and ERP selection/installation management.

Kevin is an angel investor, mentors startup entrepreneurs, and actively invests in local residential and commercial real estate in addition to providing guidance to data analytics and BI firms.

Glenn Urquhart


Board Member

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Glenn is a fellow Co-working entrepreneur who created Detroit's premier Artists' & Creative space known as Detroit Artists Test Lab! Glenn has poured love into the local community on Mack in Detroit’s eastside. He is a true believer that the rising tide lifts all ships!

For his "day job", Glenn is a prolific local Detroit artist. He's been commissioned by some of Michigan's largest companies and nonprofits for his unique art and sculptures. You can see many of Glenn’s works throughout Detroit and Michigan.

Glenn is heavily involved in the local community. He is constantly building community support for improvement projects impacting the quality of life for his and neighboring communities throughout Detroit.

the Nott is a community Coworking space and we want to give back to both current and future members during this crisis. 

During this time, we've been donated money and fabric to people to make masks for our healthcare workers.  the Nott is located in Grosse Pointe Park and some of our staff battled some tough cases of Covid-19.  We want to give back to both current and future members during this crisis. 


For a limited time we are offering the following:

$0 dues/fees to all current members of the Nott during the shutdown.  You may still use the space, and any amenities related to the space for no charge including all of our webcasts, learning, mail services, etc.

OTHER COWORKING SPACE MEMBERS - DUES PAY BACK PROGRAM!  the Nott will pay you back for dues you paid to another Coworking space during the stay-at-home order as a credit to use at the Nott**.  We've heard of horrible stores of people not being able to pay their dues to other Coworking spaces, the they haven't been given any refunds or relief :(   It is the Nott's belief that it is not fair, nor compassionate to charge members during a time when the state has ordered them to stay home.

In addition, we have lowered our prices for new and current members for all of our plans across the board.


**(3 month minimum contract required to enjoy the dues packback program from another Coworking space)


Setting the bar for advanced co-working

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